_xever_ (_xever_) wrote in poeticdrips,

hello everybody!

'ello, i am new here. i am quite a fan of writing poems and short stories, and i like reading other people's work too. i was in a poem community before, but there was over a thousand people in it, and a new entry was put in the community about every twelve minutes. this community seems neat, though. oh, and i am considered to be young (i am twelve, almost thirteen years old)so i am just getting a grasp of poetry. however, i enjoy all forms of criticism =) well, ill stop rambling about myself (you can stop drooling now). heres a sort of cheery poem i wrote:

Get ready now.
Dance to the beat of your pounding heart
Collect any bead of energy in you
Then let it all go again
Dance to the guide of the setting sun
When the sun is gone
And your world is dark
Who will you turn to?
No matter what, do not stop
Do not pervert the rhythm
Don't dare delay the beat
When the sun rises to see you're still dancing
And she'll shine on you again
That is when you have done your job.

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