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Share Your Farewell.

is the title. i wrote a poem today, along with drawing a picture, but i dont have a scanner. so, heres just the poem. tell me what you think, please. :)

Starry Sky
So far away
Touch it,
Then I swear it'll fade away
A beauty
Yet not meant to be disturbed.
Tell me the reason
Why we're still alive
Hold my hand
Let me be your wive
I'll never abondon you
I will always be right here.
Walk away
Walk far from here
Wait for me
I'll be right there
Having trouble holding to consciousness.
Meet me by the bowling alley
I'll be there soon
Don't worry now
I'd go to the moon
Just to see your sweet, smiling face
A stumble, a slip
Another grass stain on my dress
A passer-by
Who couldn't care less
Give me your last kiss
Everything will be okay.
Entering a world
I have never seen before
A sanctuary
That knows no war
I'm still with you here
But now I've touched the sky.

there are some lines that only one person would understand (or just know exactly what I'm talking about but.. yep,
thanks for talking the time to read it and hope you enjoyed it.

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