Collister * (aillibi__tears) wrote in poeticdrips,
Collister *

x posted little bit

a poem i wrote summarizing the past year or so

I think I may have fallen into my own chest cavity
I have cold feet and frozen fingertips
And my lips are turning blue
My toenails have turned the prettiest shade of
Amethyst stone in your class ring
Only because it's as royal as you think yourself to be
But you're
Not only was I wrong
But just so I was trite and
Boldly standing up for a right
People all over the country rose above and said
No one can change what you've done to us
And you've been wrong and it's been a
Long while since I saw her last
She was breathing heavily and her chest
Was panting and my palms are sweating
And my toenails are turning blue.

please critique!!
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